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Critics of “Climategate Scandal” and a Right-Wing Rebuttal (Video)

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December 26, 2009
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Here are a few YouTube videos that do a decent job of critiquing the supposed climategate scandal. And from the right side of the “controversy”; is a rebuttal video from Lee Doren, a conservative lawyer from the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute.

With regards to this particular post, I question elevating the claims of a climate change denialist to the consensus view of the scientific community that contends man-made global warming is real. But lets suspend the problems with equivocating a scientifically based issue supported by a majority of scientists with those who deny climate change which are  a scientific minority and made up of  mostly industry representation.

The first, two part video debunking Climategate is from Potholer54 :

part 1:

part 2:

And, here is the rebuttal from the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Lee Doren also presumptuously self-entitled “How the World Works”

And the fun continues with a rebuttal to HTWW’s rebuttal courtesy of bubbamickmac:

In this case, I will reserve any editorial impulse to opine on the subject and let you decide for yourself. Who made the most compelling argument?

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