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From the New Scientist: “Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth”

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There was a very interesting article on Denialism in the New Scientist that dissects the mindset and psychological underpinnings that motivate people, despite evidence to the contrary, to reject certain truths grounded in hard facts and real evidence. “HEARD the latest? The swine flu pandemic was a hoax: scientists, governments and the World Health Organization [...]

Fusion Energy in the 21st. Century (Video)

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For decades, fusion energy has been a dream of scientists and possesses the potential of offering unlimited, cheap and clean energy for the foreseeable future. As evidence by our largest bombs, fusion energy has found an application in making things like cities go “bye-bye”. This destructive and energetic nature of Fusion makes it extremely difficult [...]

The Invisible Universe (Video)

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Courtesy – lecture on the current knowledge, evidence and theories concerning the Universe….. “Ian Morison – Ian Morison made his first telescope at the age of 12 with lenses given to him by his optician. Having studied Physics, Maths and Astronomy at Oxford he became a radio astronomer at the Jodrell Bank Observatory and [...]