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The Geico Guy gets the last laugh (video)

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D.C. Douglas is the voice over talent who is best known for his work on the GEICO commercials. Well, one night after a few drinks, Douglas decided to call Freedom Works and give them a piece of his mind. Although his remarks were confrontational he was non-threatening and polite the whole time. He was simply [...]

Economics Seen Through The Right-Wing Kaleidoscope

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We have seen this played out over and over again. As soon as Liberals take majorities in the Legislative Branch and control the Executive; the Conservative Movement, like an octopus stalking its pray, camouflages itself as the exemplar of fiscal responsibility and political incorruptibility. While squids feed upon hapless shell-fish, the conservative, Republican Party feeds [...]

Global Warming and the Distortions of Inhofe and Climategate

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Currently, the World consumes at least 84 million barrels of oil daily with the U.S. contributing to a quarter of that consumption. In 2006, the World burned 6,743,786,000 short tons of coal and that is expected to increase 48% to 9.98 billion short tons by 2030.[11] These are extremely large numbers and, if current consumption [...]

Bruce Handy & Sam Tanenhaus: The Death of Conservatism (Video)

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“Bruce Handy, a frequent contributor to The New York Times Book Review, is a senior articles editor and writer at Vanity Fair.  Sam Tanenhaus – Sam Tanenhaus is the editor of both The New York Times Book Review and the “Week in Review” section of the Times. From 1999 to 2004 he was a contributing [...]

Right-Wing Punditry’s Disturbing Obsession with Rape

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Look, any rational person knows that right-wing pundits have serious flaws and gaps in the arguments they make. They rather play to emotion, use provocative language and  often resort to ad-homonym attacks. By themselves, they are the hallmark of somebody who lacks  the facts and evidence to support their claims. As a point of self-admission, [...]

McDonnell’s commentary on today’s “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”

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