From the New Scientist: “Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth”


There was a very interesting article on Denialism in the New Scientist that dissects the mindset and psychological underpinnings that motivate people, despite evidence to the contrary, to reject certain truths grounded in hard facts and real evidence. “HEARD the latest? The swine flu pandemic was a hoax: scientists, governments and the World Health Organization… [Continue Reading]

Critics of “Climategate Scandal” and a Right-Wing Rebuttal (Video)

Here are a few YouTube videos that do a decent job of critiquing the supposed climategate scandal. And from the right side of the “controversy”; is a rebuttal video from Lee Doren, a conservative lawyer from the right-wing Competitive Enterprise Institute. With regards to this particular post, I question elevating the claims of a climate change denialist to the consensus view of… [Continue Reading]

Global Warming Deniers Animated


Looking through the Internets, I found this interesting animated short satirizing the non-sensical, disconnected gibberish of global warming denialism. For your viewing pleasure, a work by Mondo Media (creators of Happy Tree Friends):