The Geico Guy gets the last laugh (video)


D.C. Douglas is the voice over talent who is best known for his work on the GEICO commercials. Well, one night after a few drinks, Douglas decided to call Freedom Works and give them a piece of his mind. Although his remarks were confrontational he was non-threatening and polite the whole time. He was simply… [Continue Reading]



Alma is a creepy, yet beautiful, little animated short from Spain that is pretty amazing. Don’t worry, no subtitles are necessary since the film has no dialogue. Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Cat @#$% One – Funny Animated Short

This is a trailer for “Cat Shit One”  a proposal for an anime series by the Japanese animation studio  Studio Anima. They have plans to release it in the US as Apocalypse Meow. I think it is pretty good and worth a view.

Snooki in Streetfighter


MTV has received a lot of flack for its show “Jersey Shore.” Italian American Advocacy groups claim the show portrays them  as “Guidos.”  Though there is no formal definition of what a Guido is, some claim it is pretty much the N-word for Italians. The outrage from the Italian community has been so great that… [Continue Reading]

Global Warming Deniers Animated


Looking through the Internets, I found this interesting animated short satirizing the non-sensical, disconnected gibberish of global warming denialism. For your viewing pleasure, a work by Mondo Media (creators of Happy Tree Friends):

Avatar Featurettes


A few featurettes on Jame’s Cameron’s Avatar. The blogosphere has been abuzz about this movie, not only for its ground-breaking use of CGI, but the mere fact the Cameron could not make the movie until now. The technology simply was not there. Vision Featurette: Hardware Featurette: