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Tea Partier Prayed for Sen. Byrd’s Death (Video)

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December 23, 2009
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Think Progress recently documented a distraught tea partier that called into CSPAN. Apparently, he and some of the members of his local tea party chapter prayed for the death of Senator Byrd in order to thwart the passage of the Senate version of the health care bill. His bemoanment over Byrd’s survival was only magnified by the additional insult of  Republican Senator Inhofe’s absence and decision not to represent his State.

Unfortunately, the distressed man and the Tea Parties he represents (and he does) encapsulates a movement of impressionable individuals that fear and, ultimately, serve to obstruct legislative and policy efforts that would benefit the American people. The Tea Parties are not grass roots but, rather, an effort carefully crafted by conservative think tanks, organizations and  industry sponsors that are actually a part of the Washington establishment.

I don’t think a movement should qualify as grassroots when Washington non-profits bus in protestors. See for yourself:

Freedom Works which plays a primary role in organizing the Tea Parties is a Washington-based non-profit run by Dick Armey, former Republican speaker of the House and Washington insider with several years of experience in politics and lobbying. This organization along with Americans for Prosperity are examples that refute  claims the tea parties are grass roots and, by themselves, suggest they are actually just  astroturf. Looking into their donors and industry sponsors; people like petrochemical billionaire David Koch, pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers Squibb and Phillip Morris, one can see a spiderweb of interests that extend only to what is best for them (hardly organic and grassroots).  So when a legislative and policy agenda arises that threatens their supposed principles, the interests of their sponsors and the necrotic industries they represent, organizations like Freedom Works jump into action to protect themselves by representing the interests of their funders to the best of their abilities (i.e. lie, deceive, spin and manipulate).

And, yes, some liberal groups do use similar tactics but, beyond methods, there is simply no parody between the two. Organizations like Freedoms Works encourage  sentiment based largely on irrational fears, race baiting and actively seek to polarize the American people. Dissent is healthy for a democracy when it is informed and reaffirms those qualites that make America great. When dissent is manufactured for the sake of  private interests, I believe it is harmful, dishonest, divisive and un-American. But I guess the adage “United we stand, Divided we fall” means nothing to people like Dick Armey and the Tea Partiers.

For Dick, Koch and their pals at Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity, it just doesn’t matter whether a policy may benefit the American people or not. So long as they guarantee their own financial support by defeating or weakening legislation that may harm their contributors bottom lines. They will do anything including misleading and manipulating people like this poor, impressionable caller.

And this is where the evil lies in the tea party message being nurtured in conservative think tanks and non-profits. They will play to people’s anger, fear and prejudices in order to mobilize them against, in almost every instance,  their own interest.

It is crazy that this guy and people who share his views are now praying for the death of fellow Americans. Yes, I hate the health reform bill and I hated what Bush and the Republicans did for the last 8 years. BUT, I never  wished for their deaths or had people with whom I could share this morbid fantasy. I guess those liberal activists groups just weren’t convincing enough to mold my utter disdain for Bush and his cohorts into  wishes for their physical demise.

P.S. If a Conservative can find me a video of a Liberal, who is part of a self-professed progressive group, calling into CSPAN wishing for the death of  a Republican, I would love to see it & post it.


2 Responses to “Tea Partier Prayed for Sen. Byrd’s Death (Video)”
  1. larry says:

    conservative propaganda succeeds again at gettin people to go against their interests


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