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Profiteering, Crib Notes and Sarah Palin

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February 9, 2010
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sarah_palinIf you do not think Sarah Palin, conservative sweetheart of the Tea Party Movement, is a  few IQ points shy from breathing on her own, check out the video with TYT commentary below. Regardless of your ideological leanings, any reasonable person can safely assume that Sarah Palin is a simpleton at best and a supreme idiot at worst.

More importantly, any political movement that would embrace such an unqualified and myopic individual as Sarah Palin should not only be questioned for the verasity of its claims but be considered suspect as to whether or not they are being directed to serve a more nefarious purpose.  This does not mean the anger of the participants in the tea party is fake. To be fair, the teabaggers’ anger and the anger of Americans in general is very real but that does not mean the goals of the tea party movement are being directed towards the common interest of us all. It appears, as with the case of Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity and the Tea Party Express that many of the leaders in the movement (many of whom are Washington insiders) are using the Tea Parties to focus populist rage  away from the real culprits and reasons our country is facing some serious problems. And, Republicans are betting and rightly so, that the Tea Parties will ultimately serve them politically in the mid-term elections.

When we see the tea party protest, or watch Fox News for that matter, why does the anger seem to broadly encapsulate grievances with just the Government? It appears protesting and reaffirming one’s hatred of governance makes sense as a Conservative when Democrats control the Legislative and Executive branches. When Conservatives/Republicans control the Government or legislation is being passed to placate them lets just pretend everything is great while parasitic businesses and industries lobby and are rewarded with giant subsidies, no bid contracts, overturning of pay-go and deregulation of the markets in which they operate.  It is additionally convenient because privatization run amock (i.e. corporate handouts) fits in conveniently with the popular Conservative meme of limited government. Statistically you can make government smaller by outsourcing responsibility to the private sector but that does not necessarily insure quality, decrease waste or lower the federal deficit. What you get in reality is less accountability, corrupt leadership and an ineffectual government that has become a middle man between the taxpayer and the corporations that answer to only themselves; not the American people. In the end, the Government will serve in the  interest of the American people less and less as it capitulates to the profit motives of  the most influential private enterprises chipping away at our democracy.

So, it does not really matter that they would make an intellectual lightweight and demagogue as a keynote speaker at the first Tea Party Convention. She will feign patriotism and, without thought or inquiry, espouse an ideology that abdicates our representative democracy  to the highest private bidder.  Sarah Palin’s did not and, likely, cannot make the case for the Tea Party Movement  in a coherent, honest and substantive way. What she will do though is collect a giant paycheck ($100,000) and, in the same spirit of other top level organizers, use the tea party movement to make herself rich.

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