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Democracy Now – Mainstreaming Right-Wing Extremism (Video)

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January 14, 2010
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Democracy Now produced an excellent report on the surge of radical right-wing organizations since Obama’s election. It is no surprise that  white-supremacists groups, anti-immigrant organizations and other right-wing militia groups gain traction in times of social upheaval, change and perceived challenges to the status quo. What is different this time however, is that we have our first black president and large conservative media outlets are playing to the sentiment that sustains and can potentially expand the relevancy of these extreme movements.

Organizations like Fox News an World Net Daily shamelessly play to and dance around the fear and hate motivating these groups not only because they dove-tail popular conservative memes but do it to effect our political process to the benefit of conservative politicians, corporate interests and to the detriment of liberals and progressives. Whether it is intentional or not they have provided a tremendous platform for radical right-wing groups to inject their message into mainstream political discourse.

The tacit inclusion of radical right-wing views by major conservative media outlets has enabled white-supremacists groups, anti-immigrant organizations and right-wing militias to capitalize on this mainstreaming in order to spread their message and grow their numbers.

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