Tuesday, March 26, 2019

About Us


Founded in 2009, Rebel Dispatch is a collective of progressive writers, journalists and artists that believe a well-informed and concerned citizenry is an essential part to the success of a fair and free democratic society.

While we address a variety of interests,  topics and current events, our principle goal is to  provide thought provoking and engaging content  that is generally discouraged by or absent from the popular media. Rebel Dispatch seeks to challenge and respond to  the demagoguery, lies, weak ideologies, and corporate shillery that saturates today’s media and hinders meaningful discourse on important issues.

We will be serious and objective and, in the next moment, be satirical and provocative. As such, Rebel Dispatch believes the strength of an idea should not only rely on how it is conveyed  but be strongly supported by the truth and reason that constitutes its base.

Feel free to speak your mind and have a good time.